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The gifts of our genital uniqueness

By Sarah Rose Bright The genitals we see in pornography are usually of one type. Women with petite, neat, symmetrical shaven vulvas and men with long, large and continually hard penises.  Comparing yourself to these genital types, you can feel inadequate or lacking, that something is wrong with you,  your unusual or even deformed.  Feeling […]


Since I am running a Shibari day in February, I thought I would write some stuff on Shibari and my take on it in the context of Tantra for those who may not know what Shibari is. Shibari (or Kinbaku) is the Japanese art of rope bondage. It originated from the Samurai who acted as […]

Lissos, Crete

My first Crete retreat with Shakti Tantra was quite early on in my experience, within a few months of my beginning the women’s programme. The whole week was the most amazing and wonderful opportunity to understand the potential of tantra, and recognise the possibilities for the future. The Lissos trip had been described as a […]

Thoughts on 2017

2016 is drawing to a close and the TV is full of “Whats your new years resolution, get fit, give up smoking?” Good aims but as we all know, most people give them up quickly. Well I don’t smoke and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. A friend suggested a Word or Phrase for the […]