Sue Newsome

13.-1_sue_portrait2Sue Newsome is a truly inspirational guide, teacher and facilitator of teachings about tantra, sexuality and relationship. She is passionate about following a path of discovery, learning and expansion. Her embodiment of her own sexuality serves as a major motivation for women and men to step out of their story and evolve from their guilt and shame around their sexuality.

After graduating in Business Studies, Sue enjoyed a very successful career in IT before setting up her own training company providing business training in the UK and internationally. During this time, she started her own path of personal development which included Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Jungian Dreamwork and she gained a qualification in counseling. This led her to tantra and she has been studying and practicing Tantra and Native American sacred sexuality for over 14 years and has taken much of this journey of joy and devotion with her husband Martin. Sue started working with Shakti Tantra in 2001 and, after serving a four-year apprenticeship, she now co-runs the business with Hilly Spenceley.

The teachings of tantra have totally transformed Sue’s relationships with herself and with her beloved. She has gained knowledge and experience of the many ways that intimacy can be created in relationship and also a clear understanding of the differences between male and female pleasure. Sue loves her body, owns her sexual yearnings and totally believes that sexual pleasure sits at the core of being human. Sue’s down-to-earth attitude and grounded approach form a strong foundation for this work. She brings great enthusiasm and a true sense of fun and adventure and her willingness to face her own blocks means that she facilitates from a place of great empathy and without judgment. She is a natural educator who encourages others to find their authentic expression of their sexuality and for them to do this in a responsible and aware manner.

Sue gained a PGDip in Sexual and Relationship Therapy from Porterbrook Clinic in 2012 and her approach weaves together the western world’s theories of sex therapy with teachings and practices from ancient traditions.  In 2008 and 2012, she was honoured to receive awards for her work from Outsiders and this inspired her to work with people with disabilities helping them overcome difficulties to sexual fulfillment. Sue is a member of the International Association of Sexual Educators, Counselors and Therapists and the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance. She is committed to making positive sex education more accessible to the general public and professionals alike to achieve a greater awareness and enjoyment of sexuality in the UK today.

Sue has a successful private practice in London and lives with Martin in Stroud, where she enjoys her life and practices love and laughter.

To contact Sue telephone: 07866 520352