Shakti Tantra offers transformational residential and online programmes.  Latest details are on our events page.

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Invitation to Pleasure is a school of Sexuality and Tantra.  Most our residential workshops take place in the Herefordshire and we run introductory events in different locations throughout the UK and Europe.


On our very popular workshops you can find:

  • enhanced self-awareness
  • increased self-esteem and confidence
  • support for dealing with trauma and abuse
  • permission and safety to explore hidden and suppressed aspects of yourself and your sexuality
  • the opportunity to notice and let go of outdated and limiting patterns
  • rich teachings about the differences and subtleties of female and male pleasure
  • a treasure trove of practical techniques, rituals and ideas to expand your repertoire for pleasure
  • ways to use your sexual energy to move to higher states of consciousness
  • meeting and merging with the Divine
  • renewed and profound connections with your self and your partner
  • physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual renewal.

We are respected experts in designing and delivering workshops for women, men and couples.


Shakti Tantra is the only Tantra School to offer a women’s only tantra training. We will take you on a most extraordinary journey that will change your perspective on your life forever.


We have a programme for individuals and couples that has six levels. We also offer Speciality Workshops and Ying Yang days for men and women who wish to explore together.


Shakti Tantra’s couples work combines principles & exercises from contemporary relationship theory with beautiful rituals & practices of sacred sexuality from Tantra, Native American and Taoist teachings.


 In addition to our Womens’, Mixed and Couples programmes, we have a number of Stand Alone workshops for individuals and couples which have a special theme. These cover specific aspects of sexuality and focus on some more advanced topics for people with experience of working with tantra and sexuality.’


These one-day events are an ideal opportunity to practise what you have learnt on the workshops. Please see our events page for relevant up and coming dates.

“I found a joyful sense of myself as a fully sexual being which has changed how I view relationships”

“Your teaching as always was inspiring and brilliant and I will be back for more”

“…releases an energy that pervades all of life. We are all ‘ordinary people’ and it’s in all of us. Thank you.”

“Company of a lovely group of women – beautiful workshop space – sense of freedom”

“It was a privilege and a pleasure”

“I never realised how powerful ritual is in unlocking buried desires and needs”

“Mind blown, heart grown, seed sown – deep, inspiring and beautiful”

“What soft and delicious pleasure, remembering, reclaiming and rejoicing in my innocence”

“Body rewiring with heart and mind back to child-like innocence”

“Elementary, truthful, expansive, clarifying, sexy, funny, full of love”

“I love and need this work”

“I find it deeply healing for myself”

“I feel unbelievably energised and nurtured”

“Combination of love, fun and learning is truly wonderful”