Vignette from a Tantrika’s everyday life

#itsnotallaboutsex an everyday transformative example. I’m on a transatlantic plane, doing a red-eye from Boston to London Heathrow… I’ve already spoken my intention to the universe before the flight that I will sleep well – as I know I have a huge day tomorrow and will need some sleep to do that… Thing is we […]

A conversation about boobs

I was at a workshop recently, I seem to remember we’d been dancing.  That free, abandoned bouncing around that happens sometimes, without thought or self-consciousness. And afterwards someone said ‘your breasts look amazing’, and I replied ‘Yes, I know, thank you.’ The compliment was just that, an appreciation of my boobs, without agenda or expectation, […]

Pauline McCluskey – What tantra means to me.

I’m of the generation that first heard the word tantra from the publicity around Sting and his apparently amazing tantric sex life. Not necessarily the best starting point! Around then I began reading, felt drawn in. It’s interesting looking back, it wasn’t the sex part that landed in me, it was something about confidence, about […]

Becky Price – How did I get here?

Back in 2003, I was living with a partner of 10 years.  Like many relationships we started well but over the years I found I was enjoying sex less and less. Sometimes it was painful, sometimes numb, and the worst was the feeling of grief that would often overtake me (the way arousal had in […]

Annabel Newfield – Why do I teach tantra?

They say we teach what we most need to know… so what has tantra helped me to learn, that I now do my best to support others to learn and embody for themselves? When I walked through the door of my first tantra weekend 13 years ago I felt this powerful feeling that all of […]

Hilly Spenceley – Why I teach Tantra & what attracted me to it….

I first heard the word Tantra in 1971, when I had a particularly bad sexual experience (time of free love and sexual revolution etc) I wasnt’ impressed!… Secondly around the same time, I also had someone show me some Tantric paintings from Ajit Mookerjee, which where beautiful imagery of Yantra’s and symbolism… I couldn’t marry […]

Genital Healing

The root of our creativity….Sacred Tantric Sexuality, going beyond gratification into honouring and healing of sexual wounds, hurts and disfunction.   To have a Yoni or Vajra massage is a way of healing emotional issues by using our sexual/life energy to revitalise and bring balance to the whole body.  These healings are included in our […]

Workshop review: Surrender to the Bliss

Karla Newbey recently attended  our  ‘Awakening to Sacred Sexuality’ course which is level 1 of our mixed programme and wrote about it in Psychologies Magazine. In the following weeks, I try out my new skills. I make time to listen to myself, and practise expressing my desires. I dare to invite a man over for […]

Delights of Self Pleasure

Did you know that May is masturbation month! Here at Shakti Tantra we prefer the term Self Pleasuring but what ever you choose to call it, we highly recommend developing a practice of spending time exploring and celebrating the innate pleasure of simply having a human body. Many of us, we first become aware of […]


Since I am running a Shibari day in February, I thought I would write some stuff on Shibari and my take on it in the context of Tantra for those who may not know what Shibari is. Shibari (or Kinbaku) is the Japanese art of rope bondage. It originated from the Samurai who acted as […]