Genital Healing

The root of our creativity….Sacred Tantric Sexuality, going beyond gratification into honouring and healing of sexual wounds, hurts and disfunction.


To have a Yoni or Vajra massage is a way of healing emotional issues by using our sexual/life energy to revitalise and bring balance to the whole body.  These healings are included in our Women’s, Mixed and Couples training. They are also available via private sessions with one of our facilitators.  They are something that needs to be repeated at regular intervals for health and vitality.  It truly does start to bring together heart and mind in Holy Matrimony.

This is not a new practice, it has been known about from ancient traditions that honoured the balancing between male and female energies without and within.


In Tantra the word for vagina is Yoni, a Sanskrit word meaning Sacred Cave.

A healthy and natural Yoni is soft, wet welcoming and elastic…

We in Shakti Tantra have been giving and receiving Yoni healings for over 20 years and are now highly experienced in this field.  These days it has become a little more mainstream and is talked about in regular magazines, radio and television.  And of course this is the way it should be.

Many people happily receive a massage for pleasure and relaxation or a deeper more therapeutic approach.  Mostly in these massages the genitals are not included and on the other hand if we have a ‘sexy’ massage, often the rest of the body is not given the same attention.  So, that gives us the message that our sex is somehow separated from the rest of the body.  In our pursuit of becoming a whole person and to love and integrate all parts of ourselves in vibrancy and balance, Yoni healing is a very important step towards this.

I had my first Yoni healing 25 years ago and have continued to have them on a regular basis.  The experience of them is so sacred, soft, gentle, open, beautiful and brings one to the place of immense love and acceptance on the deepest level.  I cannot think of any other activity that is more Divine and ancient.

So let me explain what this is about and the benefits…

Essentially we are releasing the body’s armouring ( a concept by Wilhelm Reich 1897-1957).  Or another way to explain this, is when something happens to us, whether large or small, it has an impact and causes us to withdraw from our place of open innocence.   We close, we become numb…the tissues and muscles in the body, over time, literally become hardened and can create disease, springing from the inability of the energy to flow in a healthy way.   This can happen from many things e.g. medical intervention, inappropriate touch, saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’, abortion, childbirth, insensitive or rough partners, over use of vibrators, rape etc..

Many things that mean we have been touched in an unconscious manner…

With all this, what happens is our genitals loose their sensitively, we loose our feelings and become withdrawn from deeper sexual activity, we become either frightened or have an inappropriate bravado.  And only occasionally do we touch upon a natural flowing experience, instead we tend to leave the body, our lovemaking is fueled by outside stimuli and we behave as society expects of us.

None of this is ideal, we are missing out on some beautiful, sensual and fulfilling lovemaking, our capacity for immense pleasure and an acceptance in sex and love.


In Tantra the word for penis is Vajra a Sanskrit word meaning both Thunderbolt and Diamond.

A healthy Vajra whether hard or soft is very sensitive to touch.

What happens to the Vajra?  There can be problems like over-sensitivity, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, many issues around pain and abuse, a major storehouse for our negative imprints.

In a lot of cases the Vajra has become too hard and this is damaging to both male and female in a way that neither is able to find the way to true joy and beauty in the meeting of the sexes.   It is said that man has become double positive and woman positive, whereas man should be positive and woman negative, so when the two come together they literally create electricity.

The healing for the male is so that he can connect heart and sex, something that is often lost in adolescence.

”The schism that has taken place in the West between spirit and matter, between the transcendent and the secular, between the male and the female, and between the body and the mind, is healed in Tantra.

For Tantra brings together the seemingly irreconcilable, polarized, fragmented opposites into a coherent whole, as wholism is one of the paths and goals in Tantra.”

Azul, Shiva Nataraji