Our Ethos

If you would like to attend our programmes it is important that you read this page and agree to abide by our ethos. Please note that the details below include our cancellation policy.

Shakti Tantra workshops focus on dealing with whatever obstacles keep us from our pleasure and the basis of the workshops is to provide a very safe container in which participants feel able to confront the defences and attitudes that inhibit and restrict the flow of their sexual energy, which is their life energy.

People feel a strong call to study with Shakti Tantra for many reasons, but a deep desire for change in their lives as well as a strong feeling that there is more to life and a feeling that there is more for them to discover around how their sexuality might express itself in their lives.

Our work supports those who wish to find new ways to find pleasure, not by replaying old stories, but by reframing their present and future experiences. But one of the truths about change is that we don’t know what it will look like before it’s arrived, and the mind and body can and no doubt will at some parts of the journey find this challenging. This is indeed part of the work.

Participants should be aware that the workshops address issues of sexuality and sexual identity in an honest, frank and explicit way. You should be prepared for, and comfortable with, some nudity on all workshops. As participants move through the programmes they may be involved in intimate connection with others, for example when learning massage and genital pleasuring techniques. They may also witness acts of an intimate nature.

Choice and consent are incredibly important concepts for Shakti Tantra. If you attend one of our workshops we hope that you are ready to expand your horizons and learn more about yourself and we will always support you to do this consciously. So everything is an invitation and no one is ever forced to do anything.

If you feel that any of this content is likely to cause you difficulty or distress, then we ask you to contact us for a discussion prior to attending.

We especially recognize that for some people, who have pre-existing anxiety disorders such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), they become overwhelmed quickly, and may not be ready yet to be in this environment. Our work always has intention to be part of the solution in supporting your growth, but if you have any concerns before booking about where you are on your healing journey regarding trauma, please do call and let’s talk.

Workshop content

Shakti Tantra has a longstanding expertise in teaching tantra. The workshops are aimed at participants who are attending for their own self-development. Anyone participating does so on the understanding that they are not authorised to replicate, in any circumstances, any structures, exercises, techniques or methods (in their entirety, as adapted or shortened versions) demonstrated or used on Shakti Tantra workshops without honouring the lineage of these structures by asking for our permission.  If permission has been received, and even if adapted, we ask that Shakti Tantra is always referenced as the source.   Furthermore participants are not authorised to teach any element of the Shakti Tantra programme to others with the intention of offering the work as a practitioner training.


Our workshops are a space for profound personal growth. We wish for each participant to feel safe and supported by the group.

Shakti Tantra does not share its database or the names of workshop participants with any third parties.

A requirement of participation on a workshop is that you do not mention the names or experiences of others at the workshop with people who were not present at that workshop.    This does not prevent you from talking about your own experience, about what you learned from the workshop or what you experienced for yourself.

Booking terms

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to our programme with regard to the content of individual workshops or facilitators, in keeping with the nature of the workshop. Suitable alternative arrangements are offered to the best of our ability but, if not taken up, we do not accept responsibility for any costs incurred.

We do not accept liability for any unforeseen events during a workshop – for example loss of, or damage to any of your personal property. Likewise health-related issues beyond our control – for example in relation to services provided at the venue, or as a result of a pre-existing condition.

We reserve the right to refuse admission to our workshops if, on arrival, participation appears to be inappropriate. We also reserve the right to ask any participant to leave the venue if their behaviour is disruptive to the function of the workshop or interferes with the rights of others. In these cases no refund will be offered.

In the event of any unforeseeable circumstances, i.e. staff cancellations, adverse weather conditions, low bookings, maintenance work, mechanical faults, or other situations outside our control, some amenities or courses described may become temporarily or permanently unavailable.

If for any reason, Shakti Tantra needs to cancels a workshop, participants will be given the choice of a full refund or to transfer their booking to another workshop.

If you, the participant, decide to cancel a workshop for any reasom we are sorry we cannot offer refunds.

For online programmes

The online courses are fully experiential, and as such your commitment and intention when you sign up is that you will be available to attend on all of the dates and times outlined in the event details.  And of course we all have unexpected situations crop up.  If you cannot attend a specific session as the programme unfolds please do get in touch, to keep us informed.  We won’t be able to offer recordings of missed sessions, we will be happy to have a telephone conversation to cover the essentials on one occasion only.  It won’t be possible to access the course content if you miss multiple sessions, and it may genuinely challenging for you to continue to fully participate within the group if this is the case.

Assisted Places and Bursaries

Your Investment: How much is it worth to live your dreams?

This is powerful and life-changing work and we do our best to help participants who find it difficult to meet our fees either by using some of our bursary funds that are kindly donated by people that have already done our training, are inspired by our work and wish to help others on this journey or by spreading your payments to suit your purse, making it easier for you to attend.

We offer a repeat price for our workshops. Please request a coupon code which can be redeemed at checkout.

Assistants Programme

Once a participant has attended a workshop two or more times, there is the possibility, at the discretion of the teachers, for them to join our facilitation team as a workshop assistant. This gives an opportunity for a different learning experience.

If you would like to know more about assisting, please talk to one of the team when you are attending a workshop.

Privacy Policy

When you book your place on a workshop your details are retained for our records. This includes your email, phone number and address.  This is helpful to us so we (Shakti Tantra and their teachers) can contact you before and after the workshop.  It also enables is to keep a record of who has participated at which workshop.

When booking you will be directed to paypal for payment details. We do not have access to this information.  For more details see the paypal privacy policy

You may also opt into being on our mailing list.   This is used to inform you of workshops and events we have running and very occasionally other things that we think may be of interest, directly related to Shakti Tantra.

Whether we have your contact details via your participation in our workshops or via our mailing list your details are never shared or sold to a third party.

You can unsubscribe from the Shakti tantra mailing list at anytime.  Simply follow the link on any recent email from us.

You can also have all your details removed from our system at any point.  Send us a quick email and we will remove all date we have about you.