Annabel Newfield

Annabel is inspiring in her embodiment of tantra, her teachings drawing on her own personal journey over many years.  Her deepest intention for the brave souls whom she works with as they walk the tantric path is that each and every one of them can find this sense of beloved within themselves.

She never ceases to be blown away by the capacity of participants as they travel through the safe space held throughout the Shakti Tantra programmes, to connect with their true empowered selves.

She’s a very caring teacher who speaks from her heart; she offers kind reflections, wise advice and practical suggestions.  Within that she has the courage to challenge limiting thoughts and behaviour and help her the women and men she works with to shine light on those murky corners of their psyche… to support them to live their potential and find the freedom and consciousness to live the lives they truly wish for.

Annabel started studying with Hilly and Sue in Shakti Tantra back in early 2005.  Although she’d been questing and learning about ‘how to be a human being on earth’ for many years before, through shamanic dance and ritual, yoga, meditation… but there was something about tantra and it’s emphasis on the somatic experience of being in a body as well as working with the transformative power of sexual energy that brought her home.

She is fiercely passionate about this work and has slowly, thoroughly and humbly sat with many deep concepts, turning them around, playing with them from every different angle and which way up. Annabel is speaking from the authority of her experience within her body, rather than a text book.

Annabel is someone who embraces so many aspects of her womanhood and inspires other women to do the same.  She is energetic, sexy, cheeky, and weaves a magical and playful quality into her teachings.

Annabel lives in Manchester with her daughter, and is an active part of her local community where she dances, does yoga, walks in the park and gets out to the countryside.  She loves to read and write, see her clients and run local tantra and baby dancing groups in her community.

Annabel is a member of the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS)

To contact Annabel telephone: ‭07958 278099 or email: