Becky Price

Becky’s passion as a teacher reflects her own experience of how this work can change lives.   Back in 2003 her life looked good from the outside.  A loving partner, work she cared about and a strong community of friends.  But sexuality was becoming increasingly difficult, often with physical and emotional pain.  Along side that she was struggling at work, feeling increasingly dissatisfied and lost.

Discovering Tantra and particularly Shakti Tantra’s women’s programme gave her a new approach to life; the tools to listen to the authority of her own body, to know what felt good and what didn’t; to make life choices based on these feelings rather than suffering and ‘putting up with’.

After 14 years of participating, assisting and teaching these workshops and with the guidance of her teachers Hilly Spenceley and Sue Newsome, Becky has a deep understanding of how the Shakti Tantra programmes can transform and nurture peoples’ relationships to themselves, to others and to their lives.

Becky brings this rich experience and wisdom into her teaching.  She knows just how powerful and transformative it can be to really acknowledge our creative sexuality.  With a compassionate open heart she helps people find their spontaneity, playfulness and joy.  Becky knows this work is not just about “having a better sex life” it’s about being unashamed to fully express ourselves so we can celebrate the real pleasure of simply being alive.

Becky is a Shakti Tantra approved teacher.  She facilitates workshops on both the mixed and women’s programmes of Shakti Tantra

She also runs a thriving private practice in Surrey where she supports her clients to discover the joy and bliss in their own bodies.  She is a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner bringing additional knowledge of how we can feel healthy and in balance. She is particularly influenced by Traditional Chinese Medicine’s approach to nature and works with the seasons to support health and well being.  Becky is a Certified Sexalogical Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Educator.  She’s a member of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists.

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