Pauline McCluskey

I’m a relative newcomer to the Shakti Tantra team, you could call me a late starter.  That’s the wonderful thing about tantra, whenever you start it’s the perfect time.

I came to tantra from a career as a nurse, teacher and facilitator, familiar and comfortable with supporting people during major life changes, all sorts of challenges.  As a practitioner I work with people who want to explore new and different ways to feel, experience and express their sexuality.  I’m also a sexological bodyworker and psychosexual somatics therapy practitioner.  I bring a wealth of experience and expertise, gained over many years, to the team.

I clearly remember participating in my very first Shakti Tantra workshop.  Nervous, wondering, but also certain sure I needed to be there, brought by instinct and intuition, with only the anticipation of the amazing possibilities that would unfold.  For me, and for everyone I’ve come to know since, at every workshop, it’s been about understanding the potential we all have within us to connect with our capacity to live life fully, to be our complete selves, to discover the gold we all have within us.  From the time I started I knew I’d found my community, and tantra has become my spiritual and embodied practice, my continuing adventure.

That’s why I’m here.  Because I know from my own experience that what we teach is what we live – the possibility of very real transformation.  To be with you, to witness you, to hear you.  To share your ups and downs, to offer support and guidance, to gently challenge your assumptions and preconceptions, to celebrate your unique perspective.  To listen, to reflect with you, to hold you in your happiness and delight, your sadness, your frustrations and your achievements.  It will be my privilege and my joy to walk with you.