Vignette from a Tantrika’s everyday life


an everyday transformative example.

I’m on a transatlantic plane, doing a red-eye from Boston to London Heathrow… I’ve already spoken my intention to the universe before the flight that I will sleep well – as I know I have a huge day tomorrow and will need some sleep to do that…

Thing is we we have severe turbulence. At first I think, with some frustration that I won’t be able to get any sleep. Then, immediately I consciously clock that I’ve just had that negative thought, realise I have choice here and decide instead to think that I will

1) either be able to sleep, or

2) I’ll be OK tomorrow even if I don’t get the best night’s sleep, therefore letting go of anxiety about how I’ll function in the future.


As soon as these thoughts flow through my mind, my body instantly softens… my shoulders drop, I sink into my seat, belly lets go, breath deepens. I begin to flow with the judderines of the plane and low and behold I fall asleep. Sounds ridiculous perhaps, but I became like a fish in strong currents and flowed with the turbulence. Certainly not the best nights sleep if my life, but way better once softening by body and choosing my thoughts consciously kicked in!

Tantra has taught me that I’m free to chose my thoughts and that I can surrender … to anything