Thoughts on 2017

2016 is drawing to a close and the TV is full of “Whats your new years resolution, get fit, give up smoking?” Good aims but as we all know, most people give them up quickly. Well I don’t smoke and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been. A friend suggested a Word or Phrase for the year. This seams like a far better idea. One of the first people I met in Shakti Tantra told me she was have a year of saying YES. That came back to me when I was thinking of this and inspired me.

So 2017 is going to be my year of TAKING MORE RISKS. Taking risks scare people but ST has taught me to face these fears, “if you can’t play with it, it’s got you” I believe someone has said once or twice. So I’m going to play with these fears and the first is to write about it here, witnessed by my family.

It could be said I’ve already started this year and that’s true but there are still things I didn’t do because of fear. This is not just physical risks, emotional as well. Why did I never walk up to that girl in the bar who looked like she was smiling at me. Fear, fear of being wrong, fear of rejection. At the end of the day the only obstacle was me, scared of rejection. Well I may still be scared of that but it won’t stop me now.

So more risk. Well I am committing now to take part in a charity boxing match in 2017. Now I know there are lots of people who are against box, of all the combat sports it carries the highest risk of permanent damage or death and various members of my family have expressed this but my reply is the same, 5 years ago I had a 10% chance of not making my 50th birthday, I was very over weight and inactive. I’ve slashed that risk the risk from 1 boxing match, low by comparison. It’s something inside I have a major pull towards and fear won’t stop me, I’m facing. If of course the risk is to much my dying wish is for my Tantra Family to attend my funeral, in lungi pure and make it a party to remember!

If you have got this far I will leave you with 2 things. First music. Hilly has taught me to love music and to dance in a way I never did before (has a white, heterosexual male!). Music is now such a major part of my life. I’ve posted a lot recently and every track has meant something to me and has been posted either for someone, or for lots of people but they are all personal. So I attach my theme song for next year, as well as being the theme turn to my Jitsu Family.

My last thought and it is stolen from The Doctor.

“We’re all stories in the end, make it a good one!”