Awakening to Sacred Sexuality: Shakti Tantra Workshop Review

By Thea Euryphaessa

Awakening to Sacred Sexuality (Awakenings) is the first of five levels of Shakti Tantra’s mixed training programme.

Methodical, orderly soul that I am, I chose to complete Shakti Tantra’s women’s training programme first, before embarking on the mixed training programme. I’m glad I did it that way as I wanted to clearly differentiate the masculine and feminine principles by working with women first, before later reconnecting with men within a sacred, ritual space.

Having already met Shiva in his highest potential at level five of the women’s training programme (Ecstasy), it was wonderful to meet him at the beginning of his journey towards embodying a deeper relationship with the masculine and feminine energies.

Every time I see a man embrace sacred sexuality in this culture, my faith is renewed that there are still many who want to engage with women at a more mature, more conscious level. What I witnessed at this workshop were men who wanted to get past the cultural stereotypes and learn about women by meeting them with an open heart and a joy of spirit while also approaching them with humility and integrity. In this workshop men respected women, listened to women, and honoured women.

Women, meanwhile, met men at a more conscious, more heartfelt level. Many women don’t want to be angry anymore, lumping them (men) all in the same category, believing them all to be same (i.e. liars, cheats, and bastards)—because the truth is, they’re not. Many women, however, can only do this if they are treated with respect, humility, and integrity which, in this workshop, they were.

In this workshop, we came together to learn from one another and to honour one another. We came together to strip away superficiality and replace it with sacrality. We came together for something more. We came together to nourish the body, to stimulate the mind, to heal the heart. We came together to set aside millennia of hurt and pain. We came together to celebrate one another. We came together to heal.

But above all else, we had an absolute blast. Shakti Tantra know how to create a safe, loving, and non-judgemental space in which people are able to really let go and just be themselves. A sense of humour is encouraged and laughter a priority as the teachers and assistants know how to get the party started and have some fun. But, as always, they keep a watchful eye over all proceedings by holding the space and making sure everyone is supported and cared for—they always, always, always get the balance right.

Like I said, I’m glad I completed the women’s training programme first, before commencing the mixed training programme. I doubt I’d have been able to bring the same level of consciousness to this workshop had I not worked with men beforehand. But having already met and worked with Shiva in a highly ritualised, sacred space at Ecstasy, I was able to carry that level of consciousness over to this workshop which coloured my experience for the better.

On leaving, I felt inspired, my body felt calm and replete, and my heart felt open. I look forward to continuing my mixed training journey with the many delightful souls whom I had the privilege of meeting at this workshop.

Long may this organisation and its fabulous, much needed work continue.